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One of the stupidest things I have ever seen on an internet forum is the trend of “Argument By Armory”. Yes, you can sometimes tell whether or not a player has a good grasp of their class by seeing what gems/enchants and spec they have. But people on the WoW forums take it to a ridiculous extent.

Example: Someone posts a thoughtful post about Warlock mechanics on the Warlock forum, with nothing too controversial on it. But since his forum account is set up to display his Druid’s avatar, he gets about 5 replies along the lines of “WTF would a druid know about warlocks, get out of our forums” or “Just because your class is a faceroll doesn’t mean things are that simple over here!”. People like this are just morons, and should be ignored. The fact is most people  who play WoW have multiple alts. It’s not their fault that the WoW forums only display one of their avatars at a time.

I have choice of something like 23 characters I could choose as an avatar on the WoW forums, across multiple realms and factions. But I play on Aman’Thul, an Oceanic time PvE server. Here are my main toons:

Brynhild – Prot Pally

My Prot Pally, I’m obsessed with her. Tanking in 5-man heroic dungeons is the #1 fun thing to in WoW, apart from possibly tanking in raids. I PUG nonstop on Brynhild, it doesn’t matter who with because she’s so OP. She may yet become my main, very shortly. Her gear is reaching the level needed to tank TOTC, and is already good enough for Ulduar.

Stompi – Druid

My resto/moonkin druid, and my main for most of WOTLK. I was previously resto in the #1 horde guild on the server, but they disbanded not long after I quit playing in February. I gave my new guild a choice of Resto or Balance, and they asked me to go Balance. So there it is. I’m kind of “meh” about moonkin to be honest. I just feel like a crappy pretend warlock most of the time. But it is *freaking amazing* to be able to respec in 5 seconds and heal a heroic PUG when I need to. Warlocks can’t do that. I love, love, love the new Dual Spec ability.

Wolfstalker – Hunter

My first level 70, my main for all of TBC (and the first 2 weeks of WOTLK). Sadly neglected now, is poor old Wolfstalker. Since I started playing again, I haven’t even bothered to put my abilities on my action bars, and you can frequently see me in Howling Fjord or Dragonblight attempting to melee the Jewelcrafting quest mobs to death. Wolfstalker is now primarily my Alchemy (transmute master) and Jewelcrafting mule.

Necrologia – Warlock

Necro, my TBC warlock (and my secondary main who raided BT and Hyjal). Still has all of his TBC gear on. Hasn’t left the Warsong Hold enchanting trainer’s side in this expansion. Just an enchanting mule, for now. But back in the day, I was really, really good at spamming shadowbolt. Nobody spammed shadowbolt better than me, or enjoyed it more. I hear Warlocks now spam incinerate instead. Sounds awesome.

Evisceratrix – Shaman

My TBC resto shaman. Got her to 71, but she’s an inscription mule now. I doubt I will level her, unless shamans become as mandatory as they were in TBC. I already have a healer/caster hybrid in my druid, and don’t have any desire to play as melee DPS.


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