A Pic of new giant bat outside the Aldor Bank in Shattrah. Click the picture to see it full-sized. Frickin’ huge lol.



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I wanted to try out a bat rather than an owl (mostly because Bats have bite, which will help dump focus quicker). Unfortunately, the only tamable level 70 bat are the Shadowbats in the Servants’ Quarters in Kara.

So I bought some invisibility pots with the intention of stealthing past the spiders into the bat room and taming one. It didn’t work as well as described because the bats wouldnt pat out far enough to let me tame 1 without being ganged up on.

I died once and at that point a new guildy messaged me, who had just got his Kara key. I said I’d give him a tour of Kara while he was there, because he’s never seen it before. So I took him to show him where all the bosses are (it’s already clear for this week so no problems with aggro). Then after maiden I thought I was going to opera but took a wrong turn. And where did I end up? In a back door to the bat room in the animal bosses!

Having an extra hunter was a big help because of an extra freezing trap, and after only 1 death I was the proud owner of a level 70 shadowbat.

The great thing is it’s almost twice the size of my owl, which means the tanks and melee DPSers are going to hate me even more than before, due to screeching noises and frickin’ gigantic wings. Can’t wait for this week’s Kara 😀

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Hunter Spreadsheet Results: Oceanic Lag

Anyway I got Cheeky’s spreadsheet and plugged in my gear, and an average latency of 0.5.

The numbers for different weapons are:

Merciless Gladiators Xbow (Arena Reward): 604.71
Sunfury: 598.11 DPS
Steelhawk: 579.84
Wolfslayer: 569.83
Don Santos: 564.03
Marksman’s Bow (Thrallmar Exalted Reward) 569.59
Wraithtide Longbow (Heroic Steam Vaults) 578.27

So in actual fact, with a latency of 0.5, Wolfslayer is the *worst* available gun for a BM hunter.

But the problem is that all these figures are higher than what I got on Dr. Boom. I think I am still underestimating my latency.

I put 0.8 seconds into the spreadsheet and got this:

Steelhawk: 505
Wolfslayer: 497
Don Santos: 490

Which are a lot closer to the results I actually got on Dr. Boom. This leads me to believe my latency can be as high as 0.8s around raid times.

If we assume 0.8s latency to be safe, here is the breakdown

Serpent Spine Longbow (Lady Vashj): 545
Merciless Glad. Xbow: 539
Sunfury: 523
Wrathtide: 515
Steelhawk: 505
Wolfslayer: 496

Notice that the wrathtide jumps ahead of steelhawk here, because its slower speed (3.0 vs 2. 8) is less affected by lag, and makes up for it’s lower DPS.

The Merciless Gladiators Xbow also pulls further ahead (3.1 speed) of Sunfury (2.9 speed), and is not at all far behind Lady Vashj’s bow (3.0).

As always, DPS on a bow takes a second fiddle to weapon speed when working out what does the most overall DPS.

What this says to me that all BM hunters may as well go ahead and get the Arena Bow, because it’s the best we’ll see until we’re able to kill Lady Vashj.

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Dr. Boom DPS tests 2.7 vs 2.8 speed weapon.

Testing variable:

Testing on Dr. Boom in Netherstorm, no pet damage included, only ranged weapon damage.
Aspect of the Hawk active, no other buffs.
5/5 Improved Aspect of the Hawk
I drunk a Fel Mana potion at 50% mana in each test
Trinkets: Bladefist’s Breadth (not activated), Mark Of Conquest (to extend the length of testing before OOM)

In each case I simply fired auto/steady until I was OOM, drinking a fel mana pot at 50% mana.

Don Santos with 32 DPS bullets: 474 DPS
Don Santos with 37 DPS bullets: 484 DPS
Steelhawk Xbow with 37 DPS arrows: 502DPS

Both weapons had 28 crit scope fitted, crit % was quite similar in all tests.

The bottom line is as a BM hunter with 5/5 Imp Hawk, I was clipping a lot more autoshots with the 2.7 weapon, and still clipping autos/missing steadies with the 2.8 occasionally.

My latency ranged from 400-800ms during the test.

I think the sad fact is that due to our latency, we are going to have to aim for slower weapons to achieve the best DPS. Sunfury Bow from Prince is 2.9 speed, I don’t have that one unfortunately but maybe if Keiya does she can compare.

This means wolfslayer is probably not going to be much good for a BM hunter with our level of latency, so those that were looking forward to getting it will probably be better off with Sunfury instead. It also makes the Epic bow from Heroic Steamvaults worth a look (3.0 speed).

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Why People Hate Hunters

 An answer to the common forum question – Why Do People Seem To Hate Hunters?
People hate hunters because hunters are hard to play.

Just like any other class, 9 out of 10 people who play hunters are stupid. Unfortunately for hunters, a stupid hunter is a much greater liability than a stupid any other class.

1. Hunters are the only class that can wipe a group by accidentally right-clicking a mob.

2. Hunters have pets that can cause wipes if not controlled properly. They can also be blamed for wipes even when the pet would make no difference.

E.G. A monster in an instance runs at low health and isn’t slowed. The hunter pet follows it, hitting it. The monster runs into the next group and the adds wipe the group. Of course the hunter pet gets the blame, but those mobs would have been aggroed by the runner if the pet followed it or not

3. Hunter CC is the most difficult of all to use properly. It also has a higher chance to break than any other classes’ CC, because hunters – being physical damage dealers – do not typically wear equipment that increases their spell hit chance, and traps are “Spells”

4. When a hunter pulls aggro, he will often feign death which will send the mob towards a healer and subsequently wipe the group. When a mage pulls aggro, he will often just die. The group will often still wipe but at least people feel that the mage got what he deserved, whereas the hunter can cause a wipe and be the only person who doesn’t have to corpse run. That pisses a lot of people off.

5. The difference in DPS between a bad hunter and a good hunter is more than any other class. Even the most retarded mage can spam fireball over and over again. Hunters who do not know how to weave their shots, or – even worse – those who melee, do less damage than tanks.

6. Hunters can wear any non-plate armour and wield any weapon except maces and wands. So there is a large amount of equipment that can be used (some that should, some that shouldn’t). Many other classes – especially early in their careers – learn to hate hunters for rolling on “Their Loot”. Rogues especially will hate hunters for their entire WoW experience, because they refuse to accept that we share a lot of gear.

So it’s actually because most people in the game have at some time grouped with hunters who can’t CC, wipe their group for no particular reason, do terrible DPS, and then feign death and avoid repair bills when the %@*% inevitably hits the fan. Then if they do kill anything, they steal all the loot.

Hope that helps.

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Current Build

Recently respecced to survival to give me better CC in Kara.

Current build is here.

I still need to free up a point to give me 3/3 expose weakness for raids. I guess I will have to lose either scatter shot or wyvern sting to achieve it. Currently I think both are more useful for instancing/heroics though.

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Table Of Racials

This post is an attempt to thoroughly answer the extremely common question “What Is The Best Race For X Class?”

Since the answers are usually quite different depending on whether you prefer PvPing and raids, I have split the choices into 2 columns, 1 for PvE and 1 for Pvp.

I have also divided the races into their factions, since the majority of people choose their faction before choosing a race. For those that have no faction preference, a third table at the end selects what I think is the best race from either faction.


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