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TOTC 2nd Clear

Last night we did our 2nd clear of 10-man Trial of The Crusader, and it was a marked improvement over the last one. We had most of our best 10 online, and we 1 shot every boss except for faction champs which took us 4 attempts.

Considering FC took us about 30 tries last time, that was an amazing improvement, and it was also nice to not waste any time on needless stupidity on the other (admittedly very easy) bosses.

I’m kind of disappointed with TOTC to be honest. The non-heroic mode has 4 very easy bosses, and 1 PvP style encounter that is more of a pain in the arse than anything else. There’s nothing in there that’s even as challenging as the normal mode Ulduar keepers or Iron Council, and yet it’s a full tier higher.

Hopefully this week we will have a go at Freya, Mimiron, Vezax and Yogg, 4 bosses that I have never seen before due to my time away from WoW. From the videos I have watched they seem like really fun fights (especially Yogg)

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How To Make A Druid Tank

1. Start with a warrior.
2. Take away 80% of the racial choices.
3. Take away 90% of the warrior’s abilities.
4. Take away the cool looking armor and weapons that Blizzard artists spent months inventing.
5. Add fur and a funny /dance emote.

Process Complete.

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Am I Allowed To Post Now?

One of the stupidest things I have ever seen on an internet forum is the trend of “Argument By Armory”. Yes, you can sometimes tell whether or not a player has a good grasp of their class by seeing what gems/enchants and spec they have. But people on the WoW forums take it to a ridiculous extent.

Example: Someone posts a thoughtful post about Warlock mechanics on the Warlock forum, with nothing too controversial on it. But since his forum account is set up to display his Druid’s avatar, he gets about 5 replies along the lines of “WTF would a druid know about warlocks, get out of our forums” or “Just because your class is a faceroll doesn’t mean things are that simple over here!”. People like this are just morons, and should be ignored. The fact is most people  who play WoW have multiple alts. It’s not their fault that the WoW forums only display one of their avatars at a time.

I have choice of something like 23 characters I could choose as an avatar on the WoW forums, across multiple realms and factions. But I play on Aman’Thul, an Oceanic time PvE server. Here are my main toons:

Brynhild – Prot Pally

My Prot Pally, I’m obsessed with her. Tanking in 5-man heroic dungeons is the #1 fun thing to in WoW, apart from possibly tanking in raids. I PUG nonstop on Brynhild, it doesn’t matter who with because she’s so OP. She may yet become my main, very shortly. Her gear is reaching the level needed to tank TOTC, and is already good enough for Ulduar.

Stompi – Druid

My resto/moonkin druid, and my main for most of WOTLK. I was previously resto in the #1 horde guild on the server, but they disbanded not long after I quit playing in February. I gave my new guild a choice of Resto or Balance, and they asked me to go Balance. So there it is. I’m kind of “meh” about moonkin to be honest. I just feel like a crappy pretend warlock most of the time. But it is *freaking amazing* to be able to respec in 5 seconds and heal a heroic PUG when I need to. Warlocks can’t do that. I love, love, love the new Dual Spec ability.

Wolfstalker – Hunter

My first level 70, my main for all of TBC (and the first 2 weeks of WOTLK). Sadly neglected now, is poor old Wolfstalker. Since I started playing again, I haven’t even bothered to put my abilities on my action bars, and you can frequently see me in Howling Fjord or Dragonblight attempting to melee the Jewelcrafting quest mobs to death. Wolfstalker is now primarily my Alchemy (transmute master) and Jewelcrafting mule.

Necrologia – Warlock

Necro, my TBC warlock (and my secondary main who raided BT and Hyjal). Still has all of his TBC gear on. Hasn’t left the Warsong Hold enchanting trainer’s side in this expansion. Just an enchanting mule, for now. But back in the day, I was really, really good at spamming shadowbolt. Nobody spammed shadowbolt better than me, or enjoyed it more. I hear Warlocks now spam incinerate instead. Sounds awesome.

Evisceratrix – Shaman

My TBC resto shaman. Got her to 71, but she’s an inscription mule now. I doubt I will level her, unless shamans become as mandatory as they were in TBC. I already have a healer/caster hybrid in my druid, and don’t have any desire to play as melee DPS.

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…2 Years Later

Well, it’s been so long since I posted here, I almost forgot I still had this blog registered.

So much has happened.

The last time I posted was around the time of patch 2.1 in TBC. I had just levelled my first character (Orc Hunter) to 70, geared up through normal dungeons, and cleared Kara and Gruul. This is how the rest of TBC went for me:

* The guild I was in at the time stagnated into a Kara farming guild. They didn’t have the skill to kill anything harder than Lurker or VR, so Kara was the path of least resistance. After a while, I got bored of this and started to level alts.

* By the time patch 2.3 hit, I had 4 level 70s. The same (now fully kara geared) BM Hunter, a Destro Warlock, a Druid (feral spec) and a Paladin (Prot). When 2.3 badge of justice gear was released, I began to spam heroics whenever possible. Before long, I was geared in T5 equivalent in all toons except the Druid.

* Newer players to our guild, looking for a new challenge, began to attempt Zul’Aman and Mount Hyjal. After a few weeks, it started to click. Around this time, my guild became a more serious, progression oriented guild (Although being months behind actual progression, we were in the top 10 horde guilds on our server).

* I became addicted to raiding and heroics. Due to me running heroics at all times of the day on a variety of toons, I became friends with a group of players who played late at night. Most of these players hailed from Singapore and Malaysia, and therefore were in the same timezone as me (Perth, +8gmt)

* These players eventually banded together to form a late-night raiding guild. I joined the guild on my Warlock, while keeping my Hunter in my original guild, which was now 4/5 Hyjal and attempting Black Temple. I was raiding 6 hours per night. 2 3 hour raids, one after another.

* The new guild progressed extremely quickly, downing 3/4 TK, 5/6 SSC, and 4/5 Hyjal and 3/9 BT in less than 2 months. By the time 3.0 hit, my hunter in the original guild had achieved the Hand Of Adal title (Killing both Kael-Thas and Lady Vashja couple of weeks before 3.0). 3.0 signalled the end of TBC raiding for me, because it was a lolfest and nobody was interested. Many people in both guilds took time off from WoW in preparation for the expansion.

So I never progressed beyond Shade Of Akama in TBC. Archimonde never went down for us (Best attempts were about 60%). My 2nd guild attempted Teron Gorefiend but had too many players unable to deal with their constructs.

* By this stage I had levelled my 5th character to level 70, a resto Shaman.


WOTLK hit when I was at the height of my WoW obsession. I spent hours each day poring over forums at places like Elitist Jerks, Maintankadin, the WoW forums and many others. I had extensive knowledge of 5 classes, I was class leader of 2 different classes in 2 different guilds. I had also acquired a pretty good knowledge of tanking after running hundreds of heroics as a prot paladin. I had experience healing as a shaman.

The day WOTLK was released, the race was on. Myself and the 2 other full-time hunters in my original guild raced each other to 80. I came 2nd, while the winner, Razero, got the realm first level 80 troll achievement. But things had changed a lot.

The change that had the biggest effect on our guild was the buffing of hybrid classes. Far from being classes that had terrible DPS, but brought a few key buffs in TBC, WOTLK shamans, druids, paladins and priests all of  a sudden could bring the hurt. This had the effect of tempting many of our healers to covet DPS roles. Still more people rerolled to Death Knights and Ret Paladins (who had gone from awful to completely overpowered in 1 patch). The end result was that our guild was short healers, badly.

As an officer at the time, I took the responsibility of filling the gap myself. Of my level 70s, I figured the druid would easiest to get to level 80 with, and powerlevelled him up in a few days to spec resto. I raided Naxx as resto with my original guild for a couple of weeks until the proverbial shit hit the fan, with a combination of burnout and guild drama resulting in 4-5 of the best players in the guild either transferring or quitting the game altogether. After they left I felt like a bit of an outsider in my own guild and decided to make a change.

I took a punt, and apped (as a Resto Druid) to the best Horde guild on my server. Surprisingly enough they accepted me almost straight away, and even more surprisingly to me, I actually enjoyed raiding as a resto druid. And I was good at it.

The new guild was well-run, with very little personal dramas, and a focus on raiding first and foremost. We blazed through the original WOTLK content, and were the first Horde guild to down Sarth 3 drakes on 25-man mode. But after that, everything went to shit. We still had over 2 months before Ulduar was released, and nothing to do except farm Naxx and Sartharion.

After being completely obsessed with WoW from the first time I played in June 2007, until January 2009, I burnt out.  I had so many other things to do in my life, and WoW was sucking all of the time that I had to them. So I quit playing altogether. I gave my account to a guildy, deleted all my bookmarks concerning WoW. I spent the next 2 months concentrating on cricket, and went out drinking and partying a lot more than I previously had when WoW had it’s hold on me. It was summer in Australia, why stay home?

In April I went overseas for 4 months. Got home in July. And suddenly found myself here, with nothing to occupy my time, stuck at home because of terrible weather, and with my GF visiting her parents in Taiwan, all alone. So, just for a laugh, I decided to armory my 3 level 80s and see what kind of gear they had. I had thought the guildy I left the characters with would do some PvPing on them, or possibly raiding.

Nothing had changed on any of my characters since April. And even more confusingly, nothing had changed on my guildy’s character in that time either. So I logged into my old guild’s forum website to see what was going on. Turns out, they had disbanded not long after I left, with our Raid Leader suffering the same burnout and quitting raiding altogether. Most of the players in the guild had transferred off the server.

My account was unused, and the temptation of seeing the new content was too much to resist. So I downloaded WoW, reactivated my account, and logged back in to the biggest time sink the world has ever known….

That was 3 weeks ago.

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A Collection Of Funny WoW Ads

Some of these have been around for a while, some are new. A collection of some funny TV commercials either advertising WoW or having a WoW theme.

Mr. T.

William Shatner

Office Space, one of the greatest movies of all time.

Taiwanese Girl Band “S.H.E”

And the all-time classic Toyota Ad…

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Gruul Down!

My first time fighting Gruul, and on the 7th attempt he went down. He got to 14 growths before we killed him. WWS of the fight is here.


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